I am a Husband to an AMAZING woman (Phaedra – founder of Essential Journeys Photography. Catch her Pics and her thoughts at her best-photo-places blog) and father of three AWESOME kids.

Much of what I do centers around kids. I teach Jr High English. Some people wonder what I did to deserve this…but I stand by my view that Jr High kids get a bad rap…they have a lot of energy and creativity to tap, they just need direction in how to focus this energy. I also teach Tae Kwon Do  and have practiced many forms of Martial Arts. Finally, I am an emerging writer of SciFi and Fantasy as well as some Personal Narrative and Poetry.

I enjoy life. I love smiling and I do as much to make me smile as possible. I enjoy people and their stories, I take hikes, I run (though not as much as I want to), bike, read, watch movies (Many actiony-Scifi-superhero-fantasy type movies but also indies and chickflicks), play softball, lead scouts, go to every event possible involving my kids and family.

My hope (and dream) is to be published. I plan on producing a work and sending it to publishers within the next year (SCARY!). I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.

With Love and Smiles,

P.S. – The cool pic up at the top was credited to Kalle Torma Nov. 2009.


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