A Foot on a Path

What am I doing? How do I do this? Am I good enough, credible enough, wise enough, funny enough, creative enough to accomplish what I want? Will anyone be interested in what I have to say? How can I get this started and make a go of it? Is this going to work?

This is that wall that I climb when I think of writing. When I sit and set my fingers down on the keyboard and look at the screen I have to scale this wall every time. It isn’t a mantra that plays in my head, it is just a wall with all of my doubts and insecurities and past failed attempts.

I have found ways to get past this wall.

The “Push Through Method”: Just write. I sit, I put my fingers on the keyboard and just start typing until something comes out and I can begin tweeking it.

The “Cheerleader Method”: I get someone I love, respect, and/or trust come and give me some kudos. Usually, just mentioning that I want to write will have these people say something encouraging to me. A “That sounds great” or “Ohhh, I loved the idea you were telling me about the other day” can help me get past the wall.

The “Psychological Method”: I look at the wall and feel, no…REALLY Feel the emotions tied to writing and creativity. It is all in my mind.

The “Send Me In, Coach! Method”: I can do this! This is nothing! This story is mine and I am going to own it!

All of these methods can work at different times. And there are many others…other resources and people and connections that we (you and I) can use to get past this wall. But the wall is still there every time.

So work with me for a moment. Close your eyes…Ok I suppose it is difficult to close your eyes and read at the same time. 😛 So, instead, just imagine the wall. Set your hands on the keyboard and look at your wall. Get the whole scope of your wall…the height  the thickness, the feel of it. Now…what you did not see before is that there is a door in this wall. It may be an old wooden door with rusty hinges, or it may be a Vault door…Thick metal to keep the secrets safe. It could be covered in vines, hidden from your view or maybe it is a portal into a universe of your making. What ever the door looks like, around your neck is the key.

Open the door. You have access to the other side..Only YOU have a full access pass to this place. You can give people glimpses…windows in to the worlds you can create. They can take rides with you through your realms on horseback or on hovercrafts, but only you can take them there.

On the other side of this door is your path. Set down your foot…then take one more step…OK, now another…and another……

Now, enjoy your journey.


Copyright Nevin Culley 2013